Designed to support infection control programs

Medical Keyboards for Healthcare Settings

ioniTOUCH™ Antimicrobial Medical keyboards and mice

Medical Keyboards ideal for use in all healthcare settings.

ioniTOUCH™ antimicrobial Keyboards were developed by Diamond HMI, a UK based specialist in Human Machine Interface products. They were designed to support infection control procedures in hosiptal wards and can be used to assist infection control programs in any healthcare settings. The BPR approved antimicrobial additive impregnated in each keyboard has been proven to reduce the growth of surface bacteria such as E. coli, MRSA & K. Pneu, when compared to traditional plastic desktop keyboards. The fully sealed silicone rubber outer casing has no crevices or recesses and can be thoroughly cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant wipes.

ioniTOUCH™ input devices are used in hospital wards, GP surgeries, dental practices and vets as well as industrial setting such laboratories, clean rooms etc. To download our full product catalogue click here.

The COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of maintaining good keyboard hygene. ioniTOUCH™ devices have been used to support more stringent hygiene procedures in commercial offices with shared workstations and PCs in public areas, such as libraries etc, as they can be easily cleaned thoroughly after each user.

Fully waterproof

IP68 Sealed Waterproof QWERTY Keyboards

ioniTOUCH™ QWERTY keyboards are robust and reliable, supporting cleaning practices in various sectors. Find out more about how the range was developed.

We thought the keyboards were great. They are going to help us to maximise the number of employees in the office when we reopen as they can be sanitised in the same way as the desk which helps massively with hotdesking and keeping our Health & Safety advisor happy!

Planning & Development Consultancy, February 2021

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Waterproof keyboards for healthcare settings

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