Supporting HTM 01-05 Compliance

Easy Clean Antimicrobial Keyboards for Dental Practices

Dental practices, along with other healthcare settings, face the challenge of maintaining strict hygiene standards to prevent Health Care-Associated Infections (HCAIs). A critical, but often overlooked aspect of this challenge, is the cleanliness of non-disposable equipment, such as keyboards and mice. These devices are frequently used and touched by multiple staff members throughout the day, becoming potential reservoirs for microbes and pathogens.

Health Technical Memorandum 01-05 (HTM 01-05), last updated in November 2023, was created to raise the quality of decontamination work in primary dental care practices.

Section 6.66 of HTM 01-05 states:

“For infection control reasons, in clinical areas covers should be provided over computer keyboards.

Conventional keyboards should be replaced with “easy-clean” waterproof keyboards as recommended in the Department of Health’s (2008) ‘Clean, safe care: reducing infections and saving lives”.

Why Choose ioniTOUCH™ Keyboards?

Antimicrobial Protection: ioniTOUCH™ keyboards come with built-in antimicrobial properties, actively inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

HTM 01-05 Compliance The keyboards are designed to meet the specific hygiene standards required in dental practices, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect: With a design that facilitates easy cleaning, ioniTOUCH™ keyboards can be regularly sanitized without damaging the equipment, ensuring they can be kept hygienic with minimal effort.

Reduced Infection Risk: By incorporating ioniTOUCH™ keyboards into their daily practice, dental clinics can significantly reduce the risk of HCAIs, providing a safe environment for both staff and patients.