Supporting HTM 01-05 Compliance

Easy Clean Antimicrobial Keyboards for Dental Practices

ioniTOUCH™ FAQ's 


Section 6.66 of HTM 01-05 states:

“For infection control reasons, in clinical areas covers should be provided over computer keyboards.

Conventional keyboards should be replaced with “easy-clean” waterproof keyboards as recommended in the Department of Health’s (2008) ‘Clean, safe care: reducing infections and saving lives”.

Why Choose ioniTOUCH™ Keyboards?

Antimicrobial Protection: ioniTOUCH™ keyboards come with built-in antimicrobial properties, actively inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

HTM 01-05 Compliance The keyboards are designed to meet the specific hygiene standards required in dental practices, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect: With a design that facilitates easy cleaning, ioniTOUCH™ keyboards can be regularly sanitized without damaging the equipment, ensuring they can be kept hygienic with minimal effort.

Reduced Infection Risk: By incorporating ioniTOUCH™ keyboards into their daily practice, dental clinics can significantly reduce the risk of HCAIs, providing a safe environment for both staff and patients.