Antimicrobial vs antibacterial - what's the difference?

Antimicrobial vs antibacterial - what's the difference?

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Antimicrobial vs antibacterial 

The primary difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial substances is the types of microorganisms they affect. While antimicrobial substances work against a broad spectrum of microbes (bacteria, mould, algae, and even viruses), antibacterial substances are only effective against bacteria. 


Antimicrobial keyboards  

Antimicrobial desktop keyboards are an effective tool for infection control. Compared with a standard plastic desktop keyboard they are superior in everyway. Keyboard surfaces are a reservoir for microbe growth. Regular cleaning needs to be conducted to remove harmful microbes hiding on the surface. Antimicrobial coatings help minimise the growth of microbes, with an additional level of protection. Compared to antibacterial agents, antimicrobial substances offer a more practical level of product protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes on surfaces for an extended time. 


BPR Approved Antimicrobial Additive 

We are pleased to say that all our ioniTOUCH™ keyboards and mice have a BPR approved antimicrobial additive impregnated within the silicone rubber outer coating. ioniTOUCH™ devices considered an effective tool for infection control, due to the easy clean surface, and antimicrobial coating, ioniTOUCH™ devices help reduce the spread of microbes from user to patient. 

The wide scope of use for antimicrobial keyboards in hygiene-critical environments spans from schools to hospitals, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dentists, and commercial kitchens. We have recently seen a spike in enquiries from commercial offices looking to tighten their office hygiene policies following the COVID-19 pandemic. 


ioniTOUCH Antimicrobial, Quick-clean, Waterproof Keyboards 

ioniTOUCH™ devices provide antimicrobial protection and a fully sealed, waterproof design with water ingression protection up to IP68. 

ioniTOUCH™ medical-grade QWERTY desktop keyboards are dishwasher safe, antimicrobial and robust. Designed to repel water, dust, dirt and any other foreign objects. The fully sealed nature of the design means nothing can hide behind the keys. 

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