Waterproof Keyboards

Is your keyboard HTM 01-05 compliant?

Infection control in dental practices is a top priority, HTM 01-05 compliance sets decontamination standards for primary care dental practices to tackle these issues. Keyboards and mice in these areas are highlighted in this documentation to ensure they also remain compliant. Read more in our latest blog. 
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Dental practices must provide a safe environment for patients to minimise the risk of cross-infection. HTM 01-05 compliance sets decontamination standards for primary care dental practices to tackle these issues. 


The document created by NHS England highlights the need for computer equipment, such as keyboards and mice, to be cleaned effectively to remove all dirt-related debris. 


One way for a practice to comply with the requirements set in HTM 01-05 is to 'invest in a waterproof keyboard and mouse that is of an IP68 Standard.' 


NHS England highlights in HTM 01-05 Section 6.66 that in clinical areas, to help assist with infection control, 

  • Covers should be provided over computer keyboards; or

  • Conventional keyboards should be replaced with "easy-clean" waterproof keyboards as recommended in the Department of Health's (2008) 'Clean, safe care: reducing infections and saving lives.' 


ioniTOUCH™ Easy-Clean Keyboards & Mice for Dental Practices

Easy-clean keyboards and mice are a simple way for dental practices to decontaminate a frequently touched surface, which, if not cleaned effectively, can become a reservoir for bacterial growth.  

Each keyboard is certified IP68 (waterproof), with an additional antimicrobial coating to help inhibit bacterial growth. The fully sealed design leaves no place for germs or bacteria to grow and provides a quick clean surface for the user to wash after each patient treatment session.

ioniTOUCH™ keyboards are fully compliant with HTM 01-05 and are suitable for any clinical area. 

Waterproof Keyboards for Dental Surgeries

Infection Control Standards: How do infection control keyboards and mice help meet HTM 01-05 standards? 

As outlined in the HTM 01-05 documentation, computer equipment poses enormous risks of cross-infection in dental care settings. Introducing an ioniTOUCH™ keyboard and mouse into your dental clinic, paired with regular cleaning, solves the issue. 

Infection prevention and control procedures can be met through frequent cleaning and easy-clean keyboards and mice.

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