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Keyboard solutions for food manufacturing

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Clean your keyboard with confidence. ioniTOUCH™ waterproof keyboards are easily disinfected, ideal for use in food and beverage manufacturing environments. Find out more below. 

Hygiene and Safety for food manufacturing 

Enforcement of environmental and personal hygiene regimes in food manufacturing facilities is essential. These areas require high standards of cleanliness to prevent outbreaks of bacterial infections which can, when entering the food chain, lead to illness for those who eat contaminated foods.

Most food processing areas use keyboards to input information. However, they easily become contaminated with foreign bodies, bacteria getting stuck behind the keys. Frequent cleaning of hard surfaces and touchpoints, such as keyboards, must be conducted to help with these regimes. 

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Keyboards for food manufacturing environments

Made from silicone rubber, ioniTOUCH™ keyboards are fully sealed, able to withstand thorough cleaning, with customisable options available to suit specific manufacturing plant requirements. Waterproof keyboards are key tools for these types of environments, as it means that they can be cleaned effectively.

ioniTOUCH™ keyboards also have a antimicrobial additive within the silicone rubber coating to help inhibit bacterial growth, and add an additional layer of protection.

The extremely ruggedised design can withstand drops, helping to optimise operational use and provide greater reliability in challenging situations. Other options available are our stainless steel keyboards. 


Key Features 

– Fully waterproof (up to IP68 rating)  

– Compatible with high-grade disinfectants 

– Sealed silicone keys, for quick and easy cleaning 

– Laser-etched keys for long-lasting legibility and durability 

– Ruggedised design, for harsh working conditions

– Backlit versions available for low-lit areas 

– Leave plugged in whilst cleaning, with the disconnect ‘Power Off’ button 

– Additional antimicrobial coating to help inhibit bacterial growth 

– Mounting options available for certain models

– Ability to wash with hospital grade wipes or through full immersion cleaning