Why are Medical Keyboards important?

Why are Medical Keyboards important?

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Already in healthcare environments across the UK and Ireland, ioniTOUCH keyboards are specifically designed for the healthcare sector, to help create a safer environment for staff and patients. 


Our Research

At Diamond HMI, we have worked to understand infection control practices and cleaning routines around keyboards, presenting the ioniTOUCH range to healthcare professionals as a solution. We took part in Health Innovation Manchester,  STEP INto Healthcare programme, where we presented the products to procurement teams from across the Trust. As a result, we now work with Softcat as a framework partner to provide customers with a compliant route to purchase under the terms and conditions of the Health Trust Europe ComIT2 direct award framework. Between the end of February and Mid July 2020, ioniTOUCH Medical keyboards were trialled in various locations across Manchester Trust University Hospitals, including:

  • Manchester Royal Infirmary

  • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Theatre

  • St Marys Hospital Manchester – Maternity Wards

  • Trafford Hospital Acute Medical Unit

  • Royal Eye Hospital Outpatient Reception

As well as a microbiology lab onsite at the hospital. The feedback was positive, the keyboards being received well by users. The most popular features include ease of cleaning, the ruggedness of design and backlighting for easy key legibility in low-lit areas. Healthcare professionals have now recognised ioniTOUCH keyboards as an Infection Control product. 


How can Medical Keyboards help? Easy, quick, and thorough cleaning!

Easy to clean keyboards help reduce the risk of infections spreading. ioniTOUCH fully sealed rubber medical keyboards have an additional antimicrobial coating to help inhibit the growth of bacteria. The surface is easy to clean with hospital grade disinfectants without worry of damage to the keys. ioniTOUCH Medical keyboards are in healthcare environments across the UK and Ireland, such as dentists, breast screening clinics and laboratories. 

Waterproof keyboard

Immunohistology and imaging facility manager SuRF@QMRI University of Edinburgh QMRI. 

“I manage a core research facility in a major medical research institute, which during the pandemic became a COVID research hub. With researchers utilising computer driven research instruments I rolled out the use of ioniTOUCH medical keyboards and mice on all my equipment and PC’s as the sealed silicone construction, in my opinion, provided the best option for safe decontamination using 70% ethanol spray between users. As an area of high footfall, the ability to decontaminate effectively between users, along with social distancing and face coverings means we can continue to conduct vital research while best protecting our researchers.”

Clinical Procurement Matron from Manchester University Hospital Trust

“I felt that from an infection control perspective the design of the keyboards would allow them to be cleaned effectively as there is no gaps around the keys and they are a fully sealed unit. The potential to reduce transmission of infection in clinical areas due to the antimicrobial coating and the design of the keyboard is sealed making it easier to clean without the risk of fluid ingress.”  

“I think the keyboards will suit many organizations and should not just be aimed at the NHS. Creating awareness for all IT users on what they can do to reduce the risks of infection in the workplace the antimicrobial keyboards are a great way to start and the sealed keys and coating make them easier to clean. As a high touch area, this is essential in 2020.”