Waterproof keyboards for all market sectors

Waterproof keyboards for all market sectors

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Waterproof keyboards are ideal for a range of market sectors, due to their sealed design and easy cleaning features. Heightened cleaning policies due to the pandemic mean that companies must provide safe working environments for staff.

Various workplaces can benefit from ioniTOUCH™ keyboards due to their ruggedised exterior, which enables them to perform in challenging environments. 

We have supplied ioniTOUCH™ keyboards to varies sectors across the UK and Ireland, the ability to replace a standard keyboard with an easy to clean, robust device makes them a popular choice for many workplaces. Below are just some of the sectors we can supply to. If you require custom key legends we can accommodate design requirements, please can in contact with us for further information. 

Each of our devices are made from 100% silicone, impregnated with an approved antimicrobial additive, this combined with the sealed design makes them an excellent choice for many environments.

Robust: Ideal for harsh environments, ioniTOUCH™ devices are designed to endure challenging conditions. The ruggedised design providing protection against dust and dirt for the most demanding industrial workstations. 

Fully Sealed: Our keyboards range from IP65 to IP68 rating. They can be thoroughly washed by hand or using a dishwasher (IP68).

Waterproof Design: ioniTOUCH™ keyboards and mice are easily cleaned to reduce the risk of illness. Shared keyboards and mice used throughout the day by multiple users are known to harbour unwanted bacteria.

Passed Antimicrobial Efficacy testing: Our BPR approved antimicrobial additive has passed testing against E.coli, MRSA & K.Pneu. Helping inhibit bacterial growth on the device surface.

Cleaning Routines: ioniTOUCH™ devices can withstand routine cleaning between uses without worry of damage to the device.

Reduce the spread of germs: ioniTOUCH™ waterproof and washable keyboards help prevent cross contamination in medical and healthcare facilities, industrial computing, the office and at home. 

To learn more download our factsheet here.